三洋按摩椅 非凡二手家具

800 露天拍賣 – mi2233333(97個評價)

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三洋 按摩椅 的價格由 7000 元到 75888 元。共有17筆。比價撿便宜,以期能提供愛用者更便利,按摩椅 幾天前放長假贏贏沒代誌(福利品)三洋零重力酸痛感知按摩椅-hec-dr7700k 官網推薦介紹全新
三洋 零重力按摩椅 (HEC-DR8700K) This is the amazing new Top of the Line Zero Gravity Massage Chair from Sanyo. It provides 3 zero gravity programs and utilizes the power of its Exclusive GK Rollers. The rollers have been redesigned and reshaped in this chair to provide even more coverage of the user’s back. The fantastic roller mechanism combines with the sophisticated sensor system to