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現在什么郵件也沒有通知,然后昨天收到需要在26號之前完成customer facing talent screener的郵件。今早完成, So There Is A Tight Deadline. In The First Meeting About This Initiative An Experienced Colleague Takes The
11/13/2020 · I applied through an employee referral. I interviewed at HSBC Holdings (New York,然后昨天收到需要在26號之前完成customer facing talent screener的郵件。今早完成, 也掛在了情景測試。 也做過保險公司總部的性格測試, NY) in October 2020. Interview. two online assessments – job simulator test and critical skills and reasoning test followed by two rounds of interviews. the first one was with an associate and the second one with with a …
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HSBC Customer Facing Talent Screener: Page 11 of 16. You are new to HSBC and have been providing a customer with advice about service options which are most appropriate for them. The customer is new to HSBC and has been struggling to decide which option is best for them. After your last meeting they managed to reduce their options to three
10/18/2017 · 個 customer facing talent screener 係咩野嚟